What Is Steel Galvanizing, and How Does It Reinforce Steel Infrastructure?

Learn More About The Ins and Outs of What Steel Galvanizing Is, Our Process, And How Canadian Galvanizing Can Serve You!

Steel is one of the most suitable materials to use for foundational construction and projects that require high impact resistance. Despite its durability, steel can rust with prolonged exposure to water and air. This type of exposure will ruin the structural integrity of steel, creating weaknesses that could potentially ruin the entire component or structure.

Steel galvanizing eliminates this potential problem by applying durable metal coatings on top of steel. If you want to ensure that your steel infrastructure is fully rust-resistant and can stand the test of time, you should invest in hot-dip galvanizing for your project.

What Is Steel Hot-Dip Galvanizing?

Hot-dip galvanizing involves dipping steel components into melted zinc. As you dip the steel, molten zinc spreads over it in a thin, even layer. This protective coating ensures that steel infrastructure lasts in moist or harsh environments.

Investing in steel galvanizing will save you time and money in the long run by preventing the premature deterioration of steel components.

Benefits of Steel Galvanizing

The main benefits of hot-dip galvanizing include:

· Reducing your steel maintenance costs

· Increasing the durability of your steel foundation or parts

· Meeting safety and sanitation requirements for steel structures

· Increasing the lifetime of your infrastructure

Our Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process

At Canadian Galvanizing, we use the following tested process to ensure high-quality steel galvanizing results:

1. First, we inspect the target steel components for contaminants and surface conditions. If we notice contaminants or problems with the surface, we remove or fix them before beginning the steel galvanizing process.

2. Next, we remove grease and dirt from the components with a degreasing solution. If there is rust build-up, we use a hydrochloric or sulfuric cleaner to clean it.

3. Then, we immerse the prepared steel in a liquid flux. This ammonium chloride solution protects the steel from oxidation that occurs when we dip it into molten zinc.

4. Next comes the galvanization process. To galvanize steel, we melt zinc at a temperature of around 815 degrees Fahrenheit and dip the steel in it. Layers of zinc-iron alloy bond to the steel as it reaches the temperature of the molten zinc.

5. After we remove the smooth zinc-coated steel components, we quickly dip them in water to cool down.

6. We finish the process by performing a final inspection to ensure that the galvanized steel meets international standards (regarding the thickness of the zinc layer and the surface condition of the final product).

Looking for State-of-the-Art Steel Galvanizing Services in Canada?

Steel galvanizing will ensure that the quality of your steel remains consistent for years to come, making it a crucial part of manufacturing. At Canadian Galvanizing, we have spent more than two decades perfecting our steel galvanizing process. We also guarantee that our long-lasting results will enhance the quality and durability of your steel components, equipment, and infrastructure.

Our core values for our customers are:

– to be priced right, right up front

– increased efficiency and reduced costs, compared to industry standards

– to complete the job right, the first time and every time.

– to reduce waste with our green processes – we only have one planet to live on

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