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We are proud to announce the opening of our new 36,000 sq ft facility on 3.5 acres of land within the Edmonton city limits.

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Lifting Capacity: Up to 80,000 lbs

Having worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation, our 36000+ sq ft shop is designed with everything we have learned over the past 24 years in mind.  Our facility is arguably the largest in Western Canada, with the heaviest lifting capacity in Canada.

With the capacity to lift up to 80,000 lbs, we can safely dip and move major structures throughout our over-sized shop. We offer on-site and in-house consultations from start to end for your galvanizing projects.

Kettle Dimensions: 41.5 ft (L) x 5 ft (W) x 6 ft (D)

Our galvanizing kettles are the widest in Western Canada.

That means that we can complete most projects in just one dip, and are the only galvanizing facility in Canada with two full size kettles, which will increase productivity and eliminate complete shut downs.

For even larger-scaled parts, we can easily double-dip and get the job done.

We are raising the bar of single dip galvanizing projects, giving engineers more freedom in design and efficiency.

Sulphuric Acid Pickling Tanks: 2

Pickling is one of the most important steps in the galvanizing process.

Sulphuric acid is stronger than traditional methods and speeds up the pickling process by 300%.  By using these tanks in rotation, we further increase our operational efficiency and reduce project turn over times, giving us a significant increase in production.

This means we are better equipped to meet your deadlines and get your project done.

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